SpaceGhostPurrp: God of Black

After SpaceGhostPurrp’s heavily publicized (and highly criticized) Twitter and Facebook rant against African American women, I couldn’t imagine listening to his music or paying to see one of his shows.  But it’s my birthday, and even the worst musicians deserve a second chance.  The truth is, SpaceGhostPurrp is far from being a bad musician.  In fact, his mixtape God of Black features some of the best production work of Miami’s underground rap scene.  My intern reviews it below.

In Review:  SpaceGhostPurrp:  God of Black

by Emea Ashford, Ethnografis intern

The Florida based rapper/producer Spaceghostpurrp makes a creative breakthrough with his mixtape God of Black. With smooth, futuristic sounds, the mixtape’s eleven tracks take its listeners on a full blown journey into the complex mind of a rap emo genius.   The founder and member of the underground hip hop group Raider Klvn proves his production prowess by distorting voices into sexy croons over gritty, signature beats. Nearly every song on the  project is a gem of production ingenuity. Tracks like “Blvck Diamonds and Pearls” transform women from “bitches” to goddesses and “Raider Prayer,” with its dark, pessimistic envisioning of the world, shines among the most popular of the mixtape. The latter states in its iconic “sinner’s prayer” form: “The world’s fucked up, so I stay lowkey”—a  line that many Spaceghostpurrp fans have already claimed as a favorite. There is also “Mink Rug,” my personal favorite, with its decadently sinister music that proves so enticing its lyrics are almost irrelevant. The track conjures images of hip hop high life and all things posh and may very well be considered  “Rolls Royce Music.” Finally “Money Power Respect,” with its descriptions of the  materialistic pop culture umbrella we live under, does not disappoint.   Though the mixtape is admittedly short, and many of its lyrics slightly contrived, its beautifully crafted, original production work gets five stars!

Track Listing

  1. Low Mf Key (feat. Klvn Vmber) [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  2. The Black God [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  3. Mystical Maze [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  4. Elevate [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  5. Twistin’ (Klvn Raven and Lil’ Ugly Mane]
  6. Raider Prayer [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  7. Suck A Dick 2012 After Party [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  8. Blvck Diamonds and Pearls [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  9. Don’t Give A Damn [Prod. By Spaceghostpurrp]
  10. Mink Rug (Feat. Metro Zu)
  11. Money Power Respect

Download Link Below: